Meet the Team

Get to know more about the members that work behind scenes to make the events you like successful.

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Vaibhav Sharma


Vaibhav is a junior majoring in Computer Engineering. He was born and bought up in Dubai, UAE but is originally from India. He has been on the board since his freshman year and has grown a lot since then. Some of his hobbies include DJing, playing sports and gaming.

Medha Pravalika Deeptimahanti

Vice-President of Communication

I’m the Vice President of Communications for ICLC this year, a junior majoring in Data Sciences, constantly thrives to better myself and climb up the ladder to reach the top in everything I do. I’m really excited about the innovative events we have for you and am looking forward to increase the outreach of ICLC’s events and member base this year!


Ishita Mishra

Vice President

Ishita is the executive vice president of ICLC and has been a part of the club for the past 2 years. She is a junior majoring in Management Information Systems at Smeal and minoring in IST and Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation.


Prajwal Chandrashekhar

Vice-President of Technology

Prajwal is a rising Junior studying Mechanical Engineering, he is the Vice-President of Technology for ICLC, he was previously the Web Coordinator and has experience working on promoting and planning some of ICLC’s previous large events. Praj is also the VP of Consulting for The National Organization for Business and Engineering. He loves watching Penn state football, Patriots football and enjoys bowling


Shreyas Ravishanker

Sponsorship Chair

Hi I’m Shreyas and I’m the Sponsorship Chair at ICLC for the 2018-2019 Academic year! I’ve always been a pretty outdoorsy person and I love photography, swimming, badminton, reading, and playing the guitar. I’m a sophomore this year and I’m majoring in Industrial Engineering.


Kabir Kohli

Fundraising Chair

I'm the fundraising chair for ICLC. I'm a Junior majoring in Actuarial science. I love football, soccer and gaming. I also like math. A lot.


Janvi Nagpal

Public Relations Chair

Hi! I am the Public Relations Chair at ICLC. I am a computer science major and I love traveling around the world. I am an extrovert who loves meeting new people and socialising.

Eesh Kamrah

Web/Graphic Designer

I am the Web Designer for ICLC! I am a Junior in Mechanical Engineering, I started liking Econ in High school so I am minoring in it. If you find me around campus feel free to come up and say hi.


Mahi Srivastava

Social Chair

I am the social chair for ICLC! I am an Electrical Engineering major. I have lived in New Delhi my entire life. I have been dancing since the age of 4! Other than dancing I enjoy traveling, cooking and reading!


Anmolika Singh

Events Chair

My name is Anmolika singh. I am currently the events co-chair for ICLC and the finance chair for ICLC THON. I am a sophomore majoring in data sciences and economics.


Saahithi Mallarapu

Recruitment Chair, Video Editor & Co-Thon Chair

Hi! I’m saahithi and I’m the recruitment chair and THON co-chair this academic year for ICLC. I’m a sophomore majoring in computer science. According to me , philanthropy plays a huge part in a persons life, hence I support THON with all my heart! I’ve always loved the concept of tech and philanthropy together.


Aneesh Srinivasan

Events Chair

I am the Events Co-chair for ICLC.I am Electrical engineering major with a music technology minor. I love playing my base and love producing music. I like working with cars and travelling. I plan on doing the iron man on two- three years!


Vatsal Aggarwal

THON Chair

I am the Events Co-chair for ICLC.I am Electrical engineering major with a music technology minor. I love playing my base and love producing music. I like working with cars and travelling. I plan on doing the iron man on two- three years!

Freshman Representatives


Krittika Sahani

Krittika is a freshman majoring in Computer Science. She is from Kolkata, India. Having held several leadership positions in her high school council in India, she wishes to bring the experience and zeal to ICLC. She enjoys traveling, reading, swimming, playing the piano & doing social service.


Risha Rathod

I’m Risha Rathod, a freshman majoring in business management. I am an ardent dancer and an adventure seeker. I have a quadri-lingual proficiency in English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Spanish. I have been on board since my freshman year and look forward to growing myself into a better version.


Shashwat Shekhar

Hi! I am assisting the Public Relations Chair of ICLC! I am a CS major hoping to minor in Econ and Math. I have been in the club for over a semester now and I absolutely love the team. My pastimes include badminton and nature photography! I love meeting new people and exploring new places!


Paritosh Krishna

Paritosh is a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering. He grew up in Dubai and is from Chennai, India. He likes playing and watching soccer.


Shruthi Kripashankar

Shruthi is a freshman majoring in economics. She was born in the States and has moved around since. She channels her creativity through her art.


Priya Patel

Priya is a freshman studying neuroscience. She is from Boston and is a fan of all sports, esp Patriots. She loves hanging out with her friends, working out, and has an unhealthy obsession of Maggi.